Bridgestone 200/55-17 RS11 Tubeless Rear Racing Street Tyre (78W)


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The Racing Street (RS) is the flagship tyre of BATTLAX street application line up designed for use on public roads. The RS11 is the successor to the RS10 which was standard equipment on numerous flagship motorcycles. It is a version of the highly regarded RACING R11 for track use which has been tuned for street riding. RACING STREET RS11 takes riding into a higher level with significant improvements in aspects of sports riding including grip cornering stability handling and contact feel. Feel the evolution for yourself either on winding roads or on the track.
Recommended for:

  • Riders who wish to enjoy riding over a wide range from the racing track to the winding road.
  • Riders who want sporty and high kinetic performance on dry roads.
  • Riders who are seeking higher grade dry performance than S21/ S20EVO.

Key Benefits:

  • Increased cornering grip and stability with improved rider feedback.
  • The RS11 is the first road-oriented tyre that has adopted the new V-MS-Belt construction in the rear which is currently used in Bridgestone’s highest performing race tyres. This significantly improves the contact area with the road surface enhancing cornering grip.*
  • A new molecular approach of fine carbon particles in terms of compounding has improved the bite to the road surface and enhanced the grip characteristics of the compound itself.*
  • New 3LC compounds on the front and rear create greater grip increased cornering stability and improved rider feedback. No sacrifice to straight-line stability*
  • Groove pattern inspired by the BATTLAX Racing R11: Design adaptations make it an incredibly capable track tyre while still maintaining street tyre performance.
  • Increased wet performance: Enhanced water dispersion due to new groove design *
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