Shinko 100/90-19 230 Tour Master Front Touring Tyre


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Shinko 230 Touring Bias Construction Tyre: The perfect long distance touring tyre. Great handlingand ride comfortin wet & dry conditions with excellent durability. V Speed Rating. Tubeless. SHINKO 230 BIAS CONSTRUCTION TYRE:-
Our goal with the 230 Tour Master was to design a tyre capable of carrying high loads for long distances - in wet or dry weather. Belted construction adds great handling & ride comfort. Other features include:
~ Staggered tread ignores rain & offers a quiet ride
~ V rated
~ Tubeless 4 ply nylon carcass 230 TOUR MASTER
The Shinko 230 Tour Master is designed to carry high loads for long distances in wet or dry conditions. Built with a belted carcass construction and 4 ply the 230 Tour Master is up for any touring challenge you can throw at it.
Features include:
Designed for long distance
high speed riding
Aramid belted
Staggered tread design offers a quiet ride with excellent handling
V rated tubeless (unless noted) 4 ply rated