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CK - Fibre Kits: Original Equipment quality anti-swell, cork-based, asbestos- free clutch plates. Packed in engine sets.
RK - Complete Kits: Dirt Racer Clutch sets are a complete set of CK series heavy duty cork-based, lined plates, plus heavy duty clutch springs & steel separator plates. Many off road machines have aluminium alloy separator plates fitted from new which wear out quickly
& cause premature clutch slip. The steel units in the DRC kits prevent this & re-establish clutch stack height. PBPSK - complete kits: These complete kits include Kevlar fibre lined friction plates, steel separator plates and springs to provide a street going kit for high performance street and road race use much similar to the DRC program for off road. Some of the kits will now feature new DIAPHRAGM springs as used in many larger new bikes to provide a complete clutch rebuild kit for every sport bike possible.
CSK - Spring Kits: (10% heavier than standard springs). CC_EP - Extra Plate Clutch Kits:Premier ‘EP' kits are built withUS Made Dupont Kevlar fi The PBPSC Superbike clutch kits consist of a set of Kevlar paper lined plates and heavy duty springs, ideal for heavy sports bikes, faster riders and production based race use. The PBPSC kits offer longer life, higher heat resistance and a more aggressive bite then standard cork based plates. PSC Series Clutch Kit

Aramid Fibre Friction Plate and Spring Kit