Quantum In-tank EFI Fuel Pump with Tank Seal, Filter, Install Kit


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Flow and amperage verified.

Quantum's HFP-342DI fuel pump kit pumps are flow verified by RC Engineering to provide the specified Direct Injection fuel pressure without excessive amperage draw. Common automotive fuel pumps (such as the Walbro GSS342) use in excess of 12amps at 107psi, which tax the ski's rectifier, leading to premature failure and battery drain.

Ease of Installation.

The HFP-342DI is a true direct install. Unlike other hodge podge copy cat 'kits' that attach the pump loosely to the Seadoo slide tube, our kit rigidly positions the pump within the OE aluminum canister. Internal and external canister strainers are included, as well as the all important tank seal in order to do the job correctly.


Quantum backs every pump with a Lifetime Warranty. Quantum pumps have been proven in corrosive marine and modern ethanol infused pump gasoline applications by dozens of members of the Seadoo forums. The advantages of the Quantum composite vane-impeller design is that the pump internals do not corrode like a conventional gerator-style pump (such as the Walbro GSS342).< /p>

Check valve.

The HFP-342DI retains the much needed fuel pump check valve. Without it, extended cranking times will result, taxing the ski's charging system.

Quiet Operation.

Except for a faint "wheen" during pump priming, our pumps are nearly silent. Walbro pumps are notorious for their loud vibrating "hum" during operation.

Features & Benefits

  • OEM or better performance
  • Coated corrosion-resistant case to minimize seizing during non-operation
  • Specifically designed for quiet operation
  • Drop-in replacement
  • Gradient density fuel strainer for superior contaminant filtration
  • Patented check valve technology
  • Compatible with modern ethanol-infused pump gasoline